Horder Healthcare

Research and brand development help align new services with main brand

Horder Healthcare is a healthcare provider renowned for orthopaedics and musculoskeletal treatment. They recently acquired The McIndoe Centre, a world-class hospital specialising in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Horder required some external guidance on how to align the new hospital with its existing brand. The main concern was how best to market their different specialisms, whilst still communicating their charitable aims.

We adopted an insight-driven approach to the brand development, undertaking research with their key audiences and stakeholders. This included patients, hospital staff, consultant surgeons and Board Members. We also carried out competitor research, facilitated a brand workshop and focus groups. 

The research findings have been used to to shape messaging, tone of voice, use of imagery and brand hierarchy for Horder Healthcare and its centres.

We have updated the client's brand guidelines and have written a new strap line, that in just three words communicates the essence of the brand offering. 

We have also developed a set of visual brand maps to help the client’s marketing department apply the new brand positioning across all of their communications.

A happy client

"Thank you for your help with our brand strategy. The insights and outcomes of your research have brought a sense of clarity to our marketing strategy and helped us to get everyone on board. The brand maps look great and along with your work on our messaging and tone of voice, they’re having a hugely positive effect on the way we’re now putting our communications together."
Karen East, Marketing, PR and Fundraising Manager