Church Urban Fund

Rebrand positions Church Urban Fund as an authoritative charitable organisation, whilst conveying a vibrant, Christian image.

Church Urban Fund is a key charity of the Church of England. After 27 years, the client wanted to evolve their identity and messaging to reinvigorate the brand across their network.

The concern was that their existing identity was cold, institutional and confused, and that it no longer reflected their offering or core values. They needed a fundamental shift in the way they communicated, but without alienating their key audiences and partners.

Remedy worked very closely with the client, their board of Trustees and representatives from their Joint Ventures to develop a creative strategy. The process started with a facilitated brand workshop to help define and clarify their positioning, messaging, brand values and personality.

We then presented several brand concepts and following further consultation, the ‘sunburst’ route (representing God’s light shining through their work) was chosen. We also incorporated the Church of England symbol to help communicate their connection – something that was felt to be missing in the old identity.

We have developed the new brand identity across more than twenty Joint Venture sub-brands, stationery, collection boxes, folders, exhibition banners, an Impact Report and Brand Guidelines. 

Church Urban Fund branding, brand guidelines, design for print, stationery

A happy client

"We are a complicated organisation and you really spent time helping us work through an effective process to shape our thinking and engage key stakeholders. You built good personal relationships with the team and developed a range of creative ideas to help crystallise the strategic issues. The end result is a fresh new look that has been very positively received by our network and supporters. The Remedy team has a can-do attitude, even when deadlines are tight."
Jeremy Aspinall, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Church Urban Fund