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27th October 2016 /

We're doing the Advent Sleepout 2016

Church Urban Fund Advent Sleepout Challenge

Well last year we were caught up in creating the branding and campaign materials for Church Urban Fund's Advent Sleepout Challenge.

This year there's no excuse, so we're holding our own sleepout at Remedy central.



We've yet to decide on the activities (or who's bunking with who), but I think we've agreed on animal onesies!?

We're holding the sleepout on 2nd December, so there's plenty of time to get organised. So far, board games, an alternative Christmas Dinner, Home Alone and Christmas Carol Karaoke have been suggested. If you've got any other ideas, don't be shy.

All that aside, the reason Church Urban Fund is organising the Advent Sleepout Challenge is to raise money to support the homeless and marginalised all over England.

So please help us to raise as much money as possible by sponsoring Team Remedy here.

You can find out more about the challenge here – you might even be inspired to organise your own sleepout!

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