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16th December 2016 /

We’ve nearly hit our Advent Sleepout target!

So, we did it, on 2nd December we took on Church Urban Fund's Advent Sleepout Challenge.

We made some rather impressive decorations, trimmed the Remedy Christmas tree, donned elf hats and reindeer onesies (even Sprockett wore antlers) and kept warm with bowls of chilli and silly games. It was going so well until it came to getting into our sleeping bags on the office floor. Let’s just say we really appreciate our beds now.

Church Urban Fund’s Advent Sleepout Challenge raises money to help support the homeless and marginalised all over England. It’s a fantastic cause and we were really happy to do our bit.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. We’re really close to our target, so if you would like to put a few pennies in the fundraising pot, you can donate here.

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