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1st October 2016 /

Top tips from Brighton SEO

Top tips from Brighton SEO

Back in September, we joined thousands of like-minded digital obsessives and marketeers at the UK's finest SEO and content marketing conference.

With so many top speakers it would be impossible to share everything we learnt, so here we’ve collated a few of our top tips and takeaways:

A Strategy for the New Wave of Video Platforms


Phil Nottingham, Wistia

• Expensive, drawn-out film shoots and edits can be bypassed. For social media marketing, focus on creating more, lower quality video content to engage your audience.

• Think of thumbnails as mini film posters.

• Facebook videos are muted by default, so avoid having key audio content in the first few seconds.

How to create B2B marketing ideas that sell

Lauren Greatorex, Man Bites Dog

The five most common drivers of content success 

1. Content has a big idea aligned with audience interests and concerns.

2. Content has a strategic purpose, driven by clear objectives.

3. Content amplifies your brand message and helps to build a consistent brand identity.

4. Get everyone working together: Marketing, PR, Sales and Creative.

5. You understand your audience; what they like to receive and how they like to receive it.

How To be a Facebook Advert Superhero

Greg Gifford, DealerOn

• For your Facebook advertising campaign to be a success, be super specific with your targeting - location, age, life events…

• For B2B advertising, export LinkedIn connections and upload them as a Custom Audience.

• Specifically target mailing list subscribers who don’t open your email campaigns.

We could go on and on… but hopefully these few nuggets are enough to get you thinking.

Perhaps you have a question or wish to discuss your own SEO or digital marketing with us? If so, then get in touch, as we'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and don't forget to add April's brightonSeo event to your calendar, we're already looking forward to it!