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1st April 2016 / Remedy

Pantone dog threatens design jobs

Spaniels are well known for their abilities to sniff out drugs, explosives and even people buried in rubble. However, here at Remedy we have discovered that the breed has another talent which could potentially disrupt the creative sector.

Two year-old cocker Sprockett, is one of the first 'pantone dogs' to be trained at the agency. The dog has been able to identify even the most obscure colours.

“It’s amazing really, we knew that spaniels are naturally drawn to bright colours but this one has even been able to identify 'Cool Grey 7'. The dog is dramatically speeding up our design process and could potentially make a huge difference to branding projects” says Managing Director Lisa Casson. 

The talented canine can identify and select pantones with his paws from swatch books that are positioned on the floor. He is currently learning how to work out the corresponding colour breakdowns for web (RGB) and 4 colour print (CMYK) on the mac. 

Pantone dog?

Sam Moon, Graphic Designer at Remedy, says the dog makes him nervous but that he does not see his presence as a serious threat. “Sure, he’s pretty good with colour, but he is useless at typography. As clever as he is, Sprockett doesn’t know his serifs from his sans serifs – I think there is room for us both.”

To find out more about Sam's human expertise in typography, read his post here


Please note that no spaniels were harmed in the making of this article.
In fact, Sprockett was positively made a fuss of, with lots of treats and tummy rubs.  

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