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12th March 2014 / Digital

Online training tool for Dfuse

Online training tool, film production

Dfuse trains people to deal with conflict, aggression and antisocial behaviour. Drawing on the expertise of hostage negotiators; self defence trainers; psychologists and community workers, they deliver training to businesses, charities, the public sector, communities and young people.

Matt Overd, director of programme development with Dfuse, says “We ask people to get their head into a ‘defusing place’ where they are going to take the heat out, have a measured conversation with someone and defuse the situation.”

One of Dfuse’s clients, Victory Housing Trust, asked them to create an online training tool to teach their residents how to approach difficult conversations with neighbours and defuse volatile situations.

We are working with Dfuse to develop a website, featuring at its core, a range of filmed anti-social behaviour scenarios. Remedy wrote the film outlines and worked with local production company, Khaki Films, and amateur actors to create ‘real’ fly-on-the-wall situations depicting the different types of social issues that typically affect people on Victory’s estates. From loitering to domestic violence, noise problems to parking disputes.

Rehearsals were held where we allowed the actors to ad lib their way through the scenarios and once they were ready, we filmed them in public places.

Filming the domestic violence scene was particularly edgy, with unsuspecting members of the public walking through the middle of the ‘set’.

The films are now complete and the online element is in a ‘working model’ development phase.

Here’s what Victory say about the need in their community.

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