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21st May 2013 /

Managing Projects – one step at a time

Design agency project management

Some recent client feedback has made me stop and think about the way we do things here at Remedy.

For the most part, client feedback tends to focus on creative outcomes.

As an agency, it’s all too easy to start believing that this is the only thing that matters. But great creative is only ever part of the equation. A great idea can easily be let down by poor project management.

“The process Remedy took us through from initial brief and wireframe through to test site and going live, ensured the project was done in manageable steps whilst making sure we gave sufficient thought to the visitor experience at each stage. The process meant that we had time to ensure we were happy with each stage before progressing to the next, which made a potentially demanding project feel very manageable”.

This testimonial was a really good reminder for me that the way we get to that creative outcome matters too. It’s the stuff that we do everyday and probably take it for granted because it comes naturally to us.

For me, good project management has always meant recognising that a really long list is rarely completed. Breaking a project down into smaller steps is less daunting and more manageable but also often requires more energy to keep things moving.

We don’t subscribe to any particular project management model. None of our team has had any formal project management training. Our working practices have evolved from years of experience working in different agencies, on all sorts of projects and for all sorts of people. It’s a way of working that works for us, and for our clients.

Nearly ten years in, it does feel good to be valued for more than our creativity. We’ve worked hard at this. But just because this is the way we do things now, doesn’t mean we have it cracked. As a small business, we have the advantage of being flexible enough to try new ways of working. We can change our minds if we think something isn’t working quite as well as it should. And we do, if we believe it will benefit our clients.

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