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12th July 2013 / Creativity, Remedy

Let your clients join in

Jonathan has had an article published on One Thing I Know. Read a taster of the article below:

An old joke. How many art directors does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: They’re not changing anything, alright!

Many moons ago, the movers and shakers of the UK’s creative industries would have led you to believe that life would be better without clients. Those super-smart creatives and marketing strategists knew everything there was to know about designing, writing, persuading, selling and of course, just how big (or small!) a logo should be. Those bothersome clients needed to stick to what they did best and leave all the clever stuff to their agencies.

Having experienced first-hand the fallout from a breakdown in communication between agency and client at other agencies, we founded Remedy Creative with the intention of doing things a bit differently… read the whole article »

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