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3rd June 2014 /

How to audit your website – Part 3

How to audit your website

This is part 3 of 3. Read Part 1 – An introduction and user surveys and Part 2 – usability testing.

This series of blog posts explains how to utilise three different website auditing techniques. In this post, we focus on the expert review.

3. Expert review

At Remedy, we always include an expert review in any website audit we conduct. Taking member survey and usability test results into account, we then give our professional opinion on your site, highlighting both positives and negatives. The review focuses on where improvements are needed and how to go about making changes.

We find that expert reviews are invaluable, as they cover every page, function and section of content in the site. This is something that just isn’t possible with a member survey or usability test, where time is limited.

An expert reviewer needs to have a strong knowledge of website functionality (web development), UX (user experience design) and UI (user interface design). The reviewer should be impartial, meaning it must not be an owner, employee or family member connected to the site. It should include key findings and recommendations covering every area, including first impressions, credibility and trust, error handling and accessibility.

Combined with any member survey and usability testing results, an expert review is the final technique used before overall audit conclusions and recommendations are made.

For more information on website audits, member surveys, usability tests or expert reviews, please contact Remedy on 01892 614761 or email

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