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8th June 2016 /

Getting to grips with our Culture & Values

Agency Culture and values

Culture and Values

A company's culture and values run all the way through its core. Its culture defines what it is and how it behaves; its values are its moral compass. Together they help keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

Defining Remedy's culture and values

Like every company, we have our own culture and values, but if you'd asked any of us what they were a few months ago, you might have got a knowing look, followed by a blank stare.

Pinning down exactly what drives you and what you stand for isn't as simple as you'd like to think. It takes time and effort and most importantly input from the whole team.

So we got together, and with a bit of outside help to keep us in check, we set out to define what it is that makes Remedy, well… Remedy.

We wrote our thoughts down in teams, swapped our ideas, mulled them over, argued, cogitated and arm-wrestled until we had a bunch of ideas that made sense to us and just felt right. We lived with them for a week or two, before mapping out how the statements related to our behaviours as an agency, as a team and as individuals. We revisited them a few more times until everyone in the team felt they were authentic to the way we like to work.

To quote Aimee who was in on the process from the start, "It's great to see that everyone's ethics and values influenced the end result. It's good to refer back to them, and remind yourself what we stand for."

Our Culture and Values Statements:

Great work, no egos
Open doors, open minds
Different skills, different experience, same priorities
Positivity is a great problem solver
Curiosity fuels inspiration
Creative means something different for every brief
Respect is a two-way thing
Every day – a new opportunity

So why is defining your culture and values useful?

For us, it helps to communicate what's important to us; to our clients, potential clients and everyone that works here. Somehow difficult decisions are made a whole lot easier. Working out if a potential new team member will fit in is (almost) a piece of cake. And if we ever need to pull ourselves up, this deceptively simple bunch of words tells it like it is.

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