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27th June 2013 / Digital

Fully responsive web design for fine wine trader, Wholly Grape

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This week, Remedy launched a brand new website for fine wine merchants Wholly Grape. The client asked us to create a logo and website to establish an online presence in an already-competitive marketplace. We created a sophisticated and modern design to appeal to both private buyers looking to add to their collection, and other wine merchants looking to source or sell.

The new website takes advantage of the latest web development technologies, inlcuding HTML5, CSS3, webfonts and responsive layouts. A responsive website intelligently adjusts the size and layout of elements on a webpage, making it easier to view on different-sized screens. So, why are more and more websites being built with a responsive design?

By the beginning of 2013, around 25% of all web traffic was estimated to be coming from smartphones or tablets. This is set to increase rapidly, with smartphones and tablets expected to rule the roost with a bigger market share than desktops by the end of 2015. This means that it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to make their online experience as enjoyable and easy to navigate as possible, on all sized devices.

Wholly Grape’s responsive design enables them to reach their client base with the same professional brand position and satisfying web experience, no matter what type of device they are using.

Visit the new Wholly Grape responsive website »

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