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21st September 2016 /

Dreamville: A one-off art exhibition fundraiser

On August 24th, 'Dreamville’ brought together artists and designers who donated original artworks in aid of Save the Children’s Refugee Child in Crisis Appeal.

Two of our creatives, Jonathan and Chris, produced pieces for this one night only event in Waterloo. SmallBackRoom – who organised the event – aimed to raise £10,000 by selling catalogues showcasing all the wonderful creative responses and a secret auction of A2 prints on the night. Save the Children supported the evening with guest speaker Flavia Garcia who gave a poignant talk on the charity’s efforts helping refugees around the world.

If you’re feeling inspired, you can make a donation here
The beauty of the exhibition was in the simplicity of the brief, and how each of the 20 participants interpreted it – “Just follow your imagination, wherever it takes you. The future, memories, fantasies, the everyday, in whatever medium brings your dream to life.” Now that’s a challenge!

If you commit a dream to paper, what form should it take? How do you even translate it into another medium? The artworks included paintings, vector illustrations, pencil sketches and photography, and they couldn’t have been more varied in approach. Literal dream interpretations, aspirational places, ideals and one of my personal favourites, the barmy ‘Pineapple-Helter Skelter’– didn’t The Beatles already cover that one??

Below are some shots from the evening and Jonathan and Chris's pieces. If you’ve got a dream you can’t quite visualise, get in touch, you never know, we might be able to help.


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